Ramadan Mubarak

Ramadan comes with special traditions, dishes and celebration!

At Casa Taos, we invite our guest to join us to break the fast around the “Ftour” buffet table  At Sunset, you will enjoy a bowl of “Harira” traditional soup or the Soup of the day, a selection of dry fruits, sticky “Chebakiya” with honey & sesame, boiled eggs, a range of local treats including “Harcha”, “Baghrir”, and “Mlaouis”, bread, butter, honey, marmalade, fruits and yogurts.

And in true Ramadan tradition, we will re-hydrate with fresh juices prepared with the finest in-season fruits from our garden or the local market, milk, coffee and Mint tea. After all, Ramadan is a time for sharing the Ftour table and we would love to have you join us to carry on traditions and celebration of this holy month.

First Option: Only the Ftour from 19h15 to 21h45 at  195 dhs / 18 € per person.

Second Option: Ftour and Pool acces from 13h00 to 21h45 at 350 Dirhams / 32 € per person. 

Places limited to 20 people max. 

Info & Reservation by email : casataos@gmail.com or by phone : 00 212 661 200 414




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