The Grounds

A  Cool Oasis:

The Souihla  region was formerly known as the petite version of California because of its vital importance in the orange harvest exploitation. Nowadays, the road that leads to it, paves the way to former colonial farms in Marrakech, where still,  beautiful orchards flourish.

It is in this stunning agricultural area, where CASA TAOS can be found. Built on an area of 7 hectares wholly cultivated and decorated with lush vegetation, it is primarily an orchard with rare diversity (jujube trees, quince trees, palm trees, date palms, fig, olive, orange, lemon, pecan, plum, peach, apple, apricot …).

Further along on the property, a stroll leads to an organic vegetable and aromatic herbs garden, picked fresh every day and served to our guests: fresh juices, organic vegetables and salads, straight from the natural earth and onto their plates.

In the amicable spirit in which Casa Taos believes in, Guests,  adults and children, are welcome to participate in the handpicking of seasonal harvest, such as, olives, pecans nuts, peaches and citrus fruits.

Delicatessen:  All of our Bio and Artisan Goods; Fruit Jams, Lemon Confits, Olive Oil & Tapenade, Orange Blossom Water, Harissa can be purchased at Casa Taos.